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Leo Season

Leo is here and he’s here to help us level up, to take us out of our head and into our heart.

He comes energized, ready to play and calls us to shine brightly.

Assisting us with our personal growth, vitality and creativity.

Leo coming in can also highlight if there’s a particular issue with social anxiety, stage freight and hiding ourselves from the world.

He can amplify this to show us where we need to work on.

Leo wants us to stand in the spotlight from a place of love and originality.

There is no one else like you and Leo wants you to embrace that fully.

No more hiding in the shadows, away where no one can see you, Leo wants to reveal the golden sun that shines from within.

Your spark matters to the world, because you are here.

There is a Leo inside all of us, and depending on where he is in your charts is how he shows up in your life and right now will be pointing to how you can shine brighter or where you need to shine more.


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