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Hello from my Heart to Yours

Hello beautiful community, you may have seen my flyers posted around town today & come here to see what I’m about.

My name is Deborah Wolf, I'm a mum of a 7yo & I’ve been practicing Shamanism for nearly ten years.

During this time I’ve been closely mentored by an elder Shamanic teacher & gone through many rites of passages & initiations; I also have full permission to do this work.

My sessions are deep, nurturing, feminine & transformative, I use the wisdom I’ve been taught & my own experiences & intuition as my guide.

I work primarily w Incan Medicine which has been the focus for the last 8 years, but I have also been taught in Lakota ways. Along w this, I was born into Judaism & also bring some of those elements in too, as well as Buddhist & Dharma Teachings where relevant.

I’m deeply fascinated in indigenous wisdom, healing & storytelling, & I dream to delve into these for the rest of my life.

I’ve also learnt that while these ancient teachings are important, that it’s equally important to be deeply sovereign on this path, not identify or be attached to any dogmas that religious or spiritual practices come w, but to hold them lightly & let them be a tool in our lives, not a compass.

And in this search for Spirituality & Sovereignty I found that my biggest teachers have been my Heart, my Body & being a Mother.

These teachers have taught me to listen instead of force, be present & find balance. Slow down & integrate instead of constantly trying to shed, fix & achieve.

Listen to what my body, my heart, my child & the moment needs, instead of ‘what should be happening’.

It is the feminine way & it is soft & deep.

This journey I am on is a Path of the Heart, its deep listening, trusting & requires presence.

I bring all this and more to the session w the wisdom I’ve learnt over the last decade.

I offer myself to help others heal & support those who are on a healing journey.

If you would like to join me on this path, please head to my Shamanic Healing page to book in w me for distance or face to face sessions.

In gratitude,

Deborah Wolf

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