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In death I woke (poem)

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Under the water I learnt how to breathe

I was tired and I moved slowly with the movement of the ocean

and as the waves came my soul watched from above,

hiding behind a cloud.

Life moved around me

and moved me around,

I was not a part of it

but I enjoyed watching it.

I seemed to have no boundaries with my consciousness,

I floated in and out of myself,

into others

and others floated into me.

And I became heavy

and I began to sink.

My soul pulled tightly like a kite on a string,

the winds of my Guides blowing my soul to safety.

I reached the bottom and found a base.

The base did not engulf me, it held me.

I looked up at my soul, looking down at me;

but I was too heavy to meet her

I had to leave everything behind.

I did.

I left it. All. Behind.

And I became light.

In that death, I woke.

I pushed off the ground and kicked up towards those arms

and learnt how to swim

and as I did I knew

that I would need to unlearn

how it was

and that in being awake

breathing would come easy

and in that death, I woke.

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