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Hummingbird Medicine

Hummingbird is a wisdom keeper of the North direction on the Incan Medicine Wheel ~ she is fascinating and almost mythical just as she is.

She only drinks from the nectar of life and has the biggest heart for her size of any animal.

The keeper of secrets, she asks us to keep our secrets or holy acts, gifts and stories close to us to keep them sacred.

She shows us how to stand in our authenticity and shed the roles and old identities to be in the heart of our truest selves.

Hummingbird is too light to carry all that isn’t her truest self.

She teaches us that time is infinite to the healer, that we can go backwards and forwards in time to heal our inner child and inform the path of our highest destiny.

She flies every year from Columbia to Canada, teaching us about the great solo journey, she is brave, courageous and turns every question into a quest.

If you feel connected to hummingbird…

🌞 What roles are you playing that aren’t really you?

🌞 What is the journey that your heart wants to take that requires you to carry a lighter load?

🌞 If your heart could speak, what would it say?

Hummingbird asks us to lighten our load so that when we get to the East we can dream without any inhibitions or obstructions.

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