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Honoring the Lineage

I feel blessed and honoured to be working with Incan medicine ~ and as I’ve grown into carrying this medicine and helping others I've also realised that I've been displaced from my own culture ~ so much so, that I've had to find medicine for my Soul outside of it.

And thank God I did ~ who would I be without it?

Soul medicine from my culture/s just wasn’t available to me, I had gifts that we’re getting squashed and shamed and I felt myself shrinking under a painfully patriarchal rigid perspective ~ that downright didn’t want me to grow into becoming a medicine woman, a good ancestor or a woman of knowledge.

So I started to seek and look for truth as we all do, and there are many avenues and doors open to us, and again thank God for that ~ for where would we be? What could feed this hunger that we were born with?

Our Ancestors have been reaching out to us to wake this medicine within us and the closer we get to the truth of who we are, the more medicine is awakened in us.

So much gratitude to the Indigenous cultures that have allowed us to learn and shared with us their wisdom and ancient technology.

Much much much love ❤️

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