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The other side of Trauma

Isn’t it funny how one minute you’re facing a mountain of trauma and it seems impossible to climb, it’s so old and embedded, it’s been there for centuries.. and you can’t imagine the version of yourself that would ever be able to reach the top or get to the other side...?

A version of yourself when you’re free of fear, free of feeling numb, disembodied, constantly triggered or heavy..?

To where you feel fully free, alive, in your body, wide open, spacious, confident, receptive, rested, present and feeling it all.. feeling good!

Feeling like you could lift a house, and you could laugh and cry at how you could have been in any state other than this one for so long?

Suddenly you have the guts and the oomph to call that person, tell someone how you feel, make that appointment, whatever it is that you didn’t dare do before.

And it feels supported and guided by Spirit, like they’ve been trying to get you to this place, and somewhere inside of you there’s a party in your honour.

It seems so far away and impossible until it’s the new reality.

When you keep putting in the work to healing your self, trusting that it will one day pay off, staying in integrity, and believe that your trauma is healable, and you’re simply taking the time to recover your nervous system.

Don’t ever ever let that thread go.. the work pays off, it stacks up and helps get you to a place where you are ready to see things as they are and are strong enough to step through the next veil and see your whole life from that higher perspective.. and how easy and less charged.. or even how small the mountain is from this point of view.

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