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Hiraeth, the Deep longing for home

Hiraeth (pronounced he-reyeth) is an ancient Welsh word for deep nostalgic, intense longing, yearning or homesickness... for a home that you can't return to, or that never existed.

It is multi-layered in that it's a combination of longing, nostalgia and yearning, and the feeling doesn't always go away even when you return home.

It originally came from the feeling of grief that the Welsh had experienced from losing their culture.

I feel this kind of grief too from my ancestors, I can feel it very deeply, this longing and craving for a different way and a different time, something I haven't experienced in this lifetime, but yet I crave anyway.

Do you have that feeling?

What are the places and the old ways that you crave?

Who are your ancestors that want to be remembered?

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