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Heart Language

Updated: May 31, 2019

Our bodies talk to us every day, when our stomach is upset our body is telling us that we’ve ingested something it doesn’t like, when we have a headache our body is telling us maybe we’re dehydrated or wearing the wrong glasses. The same goes for our heart, our heart speaks to us every day, every decision we make our heart is there, every new person we meet our heart is there, anything that happens to us our heart is there.

Our heart speaks to us intuitively, it has nothing to do with the brain, it is completely unfiltered, it feels what it feels. Our heart’s don’t lie to us, our brains do. If something is gnawing at us, our heart feels it, if we are being pulled towards somebody or repelled, our hearts feel it.

Our hearts our highly intelligent and intuitive, our world focuses on the brain more than anything but it’s our heart that has the real intelligence and it’s something that the world needs to focus on.

Our body wants to be in harmony, like an instrument that’s out of tune, when our heart is out of tune it lets us know. Our heart becomes out of tune when it’s faced with something it doesn’t like, something it resists.

When our body and heart is in alignment and in tune with itself, the energy is flowing and your heart feels at easy, open, light and smiling and when you are faced with something your heart doesn’t like it will tell you straight away by feeling heavy, tight, closed, blocked.

Heart Language Meditation

First fine a nice quiet spot where you won’t be distracted, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don’t strain or try anything out of the ordinary, just sit and focus on your breath. Now shift your awareness to your heart area, how does it feel, what images or emotions come up?As you breathe softly, keep your attention on your heart, if any distracting thoughts come up, gently acknowledge them and let them go. Now open your eyes and see what’s in front of you, let’s start small and say there’s something on your desk right now, a cup of coffee or a blue pen.

Hold up your cup of coffee and say, “this is a cup of coffee”, or hold up your blue pen and say, “this is a blue pen”.What is happening right now in your heart?You should feel like your heart is at ease and light.Then try the opposite and this time say a lie; hold up your cup of coffee and say to yourself, “this is a cup of tea” or “this pen is red”.Now how does your heart feel?It should feel closed, constricted and blocked.Try it for yourself and keep practising! Soon your heart will be able to speak to your automatically.

For more information like this check out Sandra Ingerman’s book on Soul Retrieval.


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