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Healing the Inner Child

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I’ve been working w my inner child lately.. it’s been quite amazing actually and I would like to share something from my current state of grace 🙏🏼

I sometimes can’t believe how simple healing can be if we are in a safe space to feel.

I’ve been retracing childhood trauma and in it discovering my little self in a frozen and numb state, trying to basically stay alive.

When I close my eyes I can feel her covering her head and arms, hiding.

I witness her and breathe into this place for as long as she needs, there’s no hurry, and I don’t force any changes or healing. I assure her that I am here, and I am.

She tells me all that she needs to, and all that she feels - when she feels safe that I've got her, and I do.

My only job as the grown up is compassion and creating a loving space for her to unfurl in her own pace.

She will come to me when she is ready, she will come out of hiding in her own time.

She senses my steadiness and receptivity and she smiles, her eyes sparkling w tiny stars. Still a bit unsure.

“You’re ok,” I tell her, “it’s all ok, I’m here, there’s nowhere I’d rather be, and I’m not going anywhere”.

Tears fall down both our cheeks, the deepest hug, I soothe her body w my motherly hand, tapping her back.

Pretty soon she starts to grow more confident and come more out of hiding, looking at me straight in the eye, holding my face, she starts to grow older, and older, and older, until she disappears into me.

I stay in this place, breathing, slowing down more.

I put my hand on my heart and feel her smiling inside me, I say the same words that I said to my son when I held him for the first time..

“Welcome to the world little one”.

Integrating the inner child is profound healing. It is becoming a doula to yourself.

All she needs is sacred witnessing, compassion and she will do the work on her own and fully feel what she tried to protect herself from as a child.

Her emotion becomes motion and the stagnancy of that heaviness is set free, and so is she.

I deeply love this work 🙏🏼

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