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Healers swear, drink and eat pizza

Today I saw a well-known local healer get bullied online for taking his shirt off..

A commenter said something about him not being a real healer for showing his body, and people got upset that he stood up for himself and that he showed himself..

Give me a break..

Can we please take a minute and remember we are all humans.. the stigma on healers needing to be represented as saints needs to be seriously upgraded.

Throw that shit in the bin.

Healer’s are not perfect or meant to be.. and no one is meant to be perfect, not even the Buddha.. we are human and that’s all we are meant to be.

Healers are a work in progress like everyone else.. they have been through hell to turn their trauma into service.

They are not supposed to turn their human-ness into saint-ness..

They are here to alchemize their wounds so they can help you with yours ~ and they are no less a healer if they swear, eat pizza, have a beer, or take their shirt off.

I have seen so many people and Shamans parade around as if they are perfect, and it honestly frightens me when someone acts as if they are bc it means they haven’t integrated jack shit... bc they are still judging others for not being on their ‘level’.

I speak passionately because I thought I had to be a saint too when I was part of a Lakota Lodge.. I was extremely rigid Spiritually and hard on myself..

…and years and years ago, I asked my Shaman if he ate pizza.. bc in my mind I assumed that healer’s lived like monks, were vegan, had wholesome sex and never swore.

This is soo not the case. My Shaman ate so much fucking pizza 👏🏼

What healers have to have developed is boundaries, integrity, yes discipline and real self-awareness so that they constantly look at their shit and avoid any drama and self-projection.

They also have to embody laughter medicine. In the Lakota lineages that I was taught, the best healers were the ones who balanced the scales w laughter medicine. They were the clowns, jokers and comics and never took life too seriously.

This is how they do the heavy work they do when helping others in need.

So please, go take your shirt off, have kinky sex, eat a damn steak, swear like you enjoy it and have some fun

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