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  • Lucas Cook

Falling in and out of your power

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We are born into our power, from our mother’s water and her womb; we are given strength and sustenance just by being born.

We come into this world with a clean spirit, if we were brought up in nature like many tribes in Africa, Mongolia, the Amazon, or Australia are- we would still be clean, but for those that live in a western or modern culture like myself; we cannot stay clean unless we work very very hard to do so.This means for those that live in this modern world and manage to step into their power are incredibly strong individuals who have had to learn very powerful lessons about life and themselves. These people that stand strong and stave off the addictive poisons that face them every day will be the ones that heal and teach the next generations how and how to be in their power.

By being in your power I mean stepping into your heart and living true to yourself, being true to god which is within you and being in your own temple of god which is in you.

When you’re in this place and within love for yourself then you become very powerful. Nothing can stop you from creating or doing anything. Your true purpose in this life then comes to the foreground and doors start to open. I write this because I myself have struggled to reach this place. I have had a problem since I was 16 with drugs, alcohol and sugar; yes even sugar is a poison. If you haven’t noticed- most of our modern world is sick and poisons themselves daily and struggles with how much poison they can ingest in a day without it being too much.

Living this way, I felt like I was just existing and on the brink of self-destruction. I was lying to myself every day and was not in my power. I was always sick, tired and foggy headed and could only focus on how bad I was feeling.

I believe our society is built this way by design; it makes us easy to control and manipulate. If we are feeling sick, overweight and weak all the time then we are easier to control and push around. Now that we are on the same page I would like to ask you to think about whether you are lying to yourself as well. It’s OK, don’t beat yourself up, just become aware of it.

Remember your inner child self from years ago? That beautiful innocent child that was full of love and imagination? That’s the real you, the child-you that hadn’t been poisoned yet.

That version of you still exists and deserves to be loved and nurtured even though you are an adult now. If you can step away from poisons like alcohol, drugs or foods that hurt you – then you start to show true love to yourself and a real healing can begin.

Instead of trying to survive day-to-day in this insane society we live in, try to start letting things go that don’t serve your best interest. I know it’s hard, I struggle with it myself.

But the first step is to be aware and to start to open your eyes to the addictions that are holding you back.

We need to reconnect with the earth, to ground ourselves. Everything we have in this world comes from the earth and yet we pretend we are separate from it. We have lost the connection to Mother Earth; even the First Nation tribes are starting to be disconnected from mother earth and are fighting to stay connected.

For now I say reconnect to yourself by getting poisons out of your life, and take your shoes off and ground yourself to the earth. This is a good starting point to step into your power. Be grateful for what you have in life, love yourself and love Mother Earth.

This is just the beginning of healing.

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