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Eagle Medicine

To me, Eagle is about trust, trusting Spirit, daring to dream and letting go.

Releasing the dream to Spirit, in reverence, gratitude and sweet prayers.

When we hold onto our dreams tightly then we are not aligned w the highest dream.

The Eagle will ask you to trust.

Open the talons and set this dream a-flight.

It should be light, not heavy, free, not a burden.

As light as a feather, and not weigh a thing.

Our dreams belong in the Spirit world & ignites w creation energy to give birth to itself.

We don’t need to worry or be concerned with outcome, the how, they why, the what, or the when.

Eagle Medicine is to have the courage to dream with eyes wide open, with the pure heart of a child.

What pulls you?

What lights you up?

What excites you?

What is Spirit showing you?

When we follow this call, Spirit opens up the path, all the doors open, obstacles shift and miracles happen.

She Understands the whole, the greater picture, the whole journey, the whole spiral of life.

She sees your past and future and where you are on your journey.

Eagle knows you are on the right path even when you feel you aren’t.

Even when you feel you have fallen behind, lost or have taken a wrong step.

There’s a place in our Soul that knows this too.


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