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Dearmouring sexual healing

I want to share a bit about the tantric bodywork session I had recently.

My relationship to intimacy, pleasure, receiving, resting are some of the feminine traits that I've been working on integrating this year.

I have always been on a straight & narrow path towards my healing & was very much in my yang energy.

When I went to the tantric bodywork session I didn't know what to expect; I went in because of a dream I had where I went to a tantric healer & saw myself in the dream after the session...

I looked VERY different.

I looked more alive & felt like my trauma had been burnt up & energy was flowing through me.

I didn't understand it, but then I picked up a book by the tantric queen Margot Anand & something started to click.

The message that I was receiving was that sexual energy IS life force energy & it has the capacity to burn up trauma, sickness, fear, guilt & shame. But it has been given a bad rap & I had never understood it properly or seen it clearly.

When this energy is suppressed, not expressed & trapped, it means that life force energy is not flowing through us.

Which means we are more susceptible to trapping disease & illness in our body.

If this energy is flowing then it has the capacity to burn through anything stagnant, including sickness & the effects of trauma.


So I booked in to see a tantric bodywork healer & it's now been a week since I've seen her... & it has been one of the most solid, happiest, loving weeks I have had so far.

I'm not floating around with euphoria, I'm completely solid, clear, grounded & here.

And I feel like a lot of what I've been carrying has been burnt up & that I’m able to go deeper into my body.

In the session I got to feel through my sexual trauma that's been living inside of me & I also got to experience waves of pleasure.

Something that I have not allowed myself to experience.

But in this session ~ not only did I experience pleasure & my own trauma in a safe container, but I also let go of the fear, shame & guilt that I associated with sex & pleasure.

I'm so grateful that I gifted myself this experience, it won't be my last.

I hope this has reached whoever it needs to reach.

Much love x

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