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Darkest before the dawn

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We are standing at the doorway of Winter Solstice; behind us are the karmic patterns that kept us heavy, we are moving past what once held us with a quickening that transforms all as the Yule rhythm calls us to descend to our inner cave.

Descent can be steep, shallow, a spiral, one step at a time or a complete plunge... an opportunity for us to find meaning and a lesson so that we can ascend once more.

It is always darkest before dawn and it is always the way that whatever can't go through that door will present itself for us to heal… and chances are that the Full Moon we all just went through illuminated a lot more than just the tops of the trees.

Winter Solstice is a descent; it's a time to slow down while we walk into the cave holding onto our hearts to accept the lessons that Spirit hands us to for the growth of our soul.

It’s a time to face ourselves and face whatever comes up that is ready to be healed with trust and love.

To hand over what we are faced with to Spirit and know that the transformation will come, just as the Spring will.

How can we use this time as a time to empower ourselves?

Ceremony and ritual are a beautiful way to walk into Winter Solstice, by finding your way to let go of what is weighing you down in a loving ritual. (I’ve copied in a ceremony below that we’ve used in circles.)*

It is also a time for a flourishing of at home activity, fires, gatherings, circles, dinners, community and family, as well as deeper conversations and reflections and becoming intimate with our inner world again.

What will you be doing this solstice?

*Winter Solstice Ceremony...

Cleanse yourself with sage or eucalyptus leaves to create a safe space

Create a fire or make a candle and collect fallen leaves from around the garden

With intention gently and lovingly blow what it is you want to let go of into the leaf and put it into the fire

Feel whatever has come up, that wants to be healed and released, be with it and give it space for it to be witnessed

Watch the smoke rise up and witness your prayers being answered as the leaf transforms into smoke and ashes

When your ceremony is done, thank the sage, the fire and the leaves

Continue to be gentle with yourself and give yourself an epsom salt bath to remove any excess energies and eat good nourishing food

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