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Dark glittering mystery

A dark glittering wave

I come and land upon the earth

I fall like rain and cartwheels

The mother pulls me back into her lap

Cloaks me in her invisibility and breath

And exhales so I can kiss the air once more

I stretch as far and wide as I can

Like I can fly

And notice

Dark and bright

Dancing on my silver crown

The stars have fallen

They move across me and fall into my eyes

And as I pass onto the sand

The teal veins of light reach for pockets to belong

Feeling the secrets of the earth

Under a tendril of slow moving galaxies

Gazing softly over lifetimes of ancestors

Dark and bright

Dancing beneath the ground

Drops of stars hidden in the sand

Oracles in Phosphorescence

Hidden knowledge of the Earth

Where the veil lifts for a moment

Quietly without calling attention to itself

Such a passing beauty

So quick to fade

So easily missed,

Exists, why?

And in a moment we see what the mycelium sees

And we know because we see

What’s underneath…?

A mystery.

Poetry by Deborah Wolf

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