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Creativity inviting itself

Last night as I was falling asleep this image came to me.

I was exhausted, and it’s the day before I enter into my Moon time cave but the image came nevertheless..

I got out of bed, actually I leaped up.. and gathered all my tools.

“But I’m supposed to be in bed...”I thought.. “Am I allowed to do this?”

“Isn’t it.. not appropriate..? or something I should battle with first before I submit?”

Despite the worries and the brain talk my body decided for me.. and I started to create it.

It came so easily and I realized it was already created and even alive before it was marked down in the flesh and in the matter.

But why did it come? I don’t know.. all I know is that it came to me and now it’s here.

It did speak to me in some way though, it said Hello, and I held it in my hands.. looking at it.. yes I did create you.. but you invited yourself… and hello to you too.

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1 Comment

Frantz Kantor
Frantz Kantor
Sep 16, 2021


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