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Coronavirus: a pause from the system

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Even in stillness something grows, it’s never obvious; it’s something subtle that lies underground, something murmuring, under the weight of what looks like darkness or emptiness, a root system that grows to support us, our birthright that knows how to help us be strong when the winds move us around.

Our root system anchors us, switches on, grabs hold of us and feeds us truth and clarity when we sit in stillness.

When we are in stillness we are listening to the truth of everything.

It births something great, something different, a new or true perspective that wasn’t previously visible, it shows us a direction that wasn’t available before, and reveals something that our roots know is good for us.

In these times where things are turbulent and no one is sure of anything there is still movement and there is still growth in the stillness, it allow us to simply BE and it lets us sit with what is, what’s been working for us, and what we have been out of relationship with.

It shows us the difference between what our ego wants us to do and directs us to what our soul wants for us.

It’s the time that Spirit is with us, when we can be quiet long enough to hear the deepest call from our Soul, the one that’s always been urging us to move forward on the right path, asking us to listen.

The one that’s deep inside our gut, our womb or hara, the being before all of this.

Stillness is the one that knows us and loves us unconditionally.

Truth emerges in stillness, you can’t lie there, you can’t pretend and you can’t be in an illusion, it doesn’t carry over, stillness shines a loving light of what is - on all that is.

But if we bring our heart into stillness, we can watch the truth unfold with compassion, and if we bring our minds into it, we can work out how to implement it for our highest good and Earth’s highest good.

Stillness is a rite of passage; it’s always been available but in this systematic society is hard to reach and is thought of as a luxury.

I believe this Corona virus is an opportunity for the system to pause, so that we can all pause collectively and sit in stillness. This is a rare event for humanity and I hope that we can sit with it gracefully.

This could be a time of awakening for our whole Global community and a rite of passage for all of us, to turn away from over-consuming and being ‘customers’ and turn towards being our own creators, being awakened conscious beings, all of us together and moving towards becoming conscious creators through bringing back community and living in right relationship w the land in a smart, sophisticated and innovative way.

Imagine just pausing the system just for a little bit, it’s actually kind of exciting, and you need to be smart and make sure you have enough food and swapping foods with your neighbors until it is all straightened out.

This doesn’t have to be a scary time, we just have to be smart and grounded, have our act together and look at this as a pause from the system and maybe this pause will finally allow us to rest and help us dream up better ways to live in this world.

I feel like I’ve always wanted rest, some kind of momentary pause in my life, where I just sit and BE, no appointments, no commitments, just a break from the everydayness of the word, where I can soak up the sun, meditate, eat, craft and read a book for crying out loud… and I haven’t been able to get it much in my life, I’ve always been ‘busy’, my calendar fills up for the week and I’m on a continuous loop of appointments, errands and meetings and I’m left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted already by Tuesday.

I’m not saying throw all responsibilities out the window, that’s not the kind of world I would like, but I would definitely appreciate one where there was purposeful rest.

As I write this, the magic of timing shows me a little mouse outside my window running along the electrical wire, running in a straight line without anyone paying attention to it or knowing it was there; and it struck me that the typical image in my head of a mouse is not a free one, it’s of one that runs on a wheel, or a rat race… but not this little mouse.

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