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Capricorn Super Moon July 13th to 15th

This Capricorn Supermoon reminds me of a mythological story, one that plays out in many of our lives.

The story of rising up + walking away.

This moon reveals a master teaching of self-love + self-empowerment through maturity, compassion + wisdom that is learnt by walking away from old, outdated, situations that have left you exhausted, depleted, or in a victim mind set with an empty cup.

It is about Doularing + mothering ourselves as an act of taking self-responsibility, as opposed to waiting for someone to tell us what to do.

Taking our healing into our own hands + trusting our intuition + body, instead of asking for permission.

Many of us have been led throughout different parts of our lives, + this moon is about leading ourselves, in a new, wholistic + more feminine way.

In a literal sense, it could mean walking away from an old, outdated tradition, institution, teacher, belief or relationship that represents something that feels forced, not in its total truth, heavy, or out of your highest alignment.

And walking towards something that FEELS right + good for us.

All this would have come to light in the upcoming days to this Supermoon + has reached a level where you can’t continue with it, or with it in the way that it is showing up right now.

Something has got to give.

The rubber band cannot stretch any more.

And everything is now illuminated.

How you handle this will point to the medicine of the opposite sign in Cancer, the motherer, the nurturer, Demeter herself.

This Super moon will illuminate all this + ask you:

>What is it that you have learnt from this experience?

>What do you not want to take with you into August?

>What do you need from now on that will better support you + nourish you better?

This moon represents the epic journey of spiritual maturity, becoming the teacher you always needed + learning to mother yourself.

Extra rest, water + wholesome foods will be an excellent way to nourish ourselves today.

Deborah Wolf <3


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