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Being Peace

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

In a small stone house high on a hill lived an old Grandmother who sat weaving a blanket, she has been weaving since the beginning of time and will continue to weave for many more times to come.

Her house was so high up that it was surrounded by clouds and the villages below could only be seen when the winds blew them apart.

I sat by the Grandmother as she carefully weaved and asked, “What are you doing Grandmother”?

She replied without shifting her gaze from her hands, “I'm making peace, granddaughter…”

Peace?” I asked and I opened her little wooden door and stepped outside to see where the peace was, I couldn’t see anything in particular and I returned by her side.

Where is the peace Grandmother? I can’t see it anywhere…

Her hands continued to move through the threads and she replied, “I'm (making) peace” and handed the bundle of threads to me…

Make peace Granddaughter.”

I sat and took the reigns and plated the threads as she instructed me to.

Many thoughts passed through me during that time, some sense was made from old stories I carried and I let them go. Some wounds surfaced and I allowed them and they passed and flew away.

Eventually there were no more thoughts and I became empty.

I started to think about the world and felt the enormous compassion that the Grandmother felt as she weaved.

And I started to weave w her dream for the Earth.

Of peace.

An Earth and its children in right relationship, remembering their roles as Earth Keepers and custodians.

That the land is our Mother and we are here to take care of her.

I weaved and understood

This Grandmother was creating peace by being peace.

- Deborah Wolf <3

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