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Baking Offerings

I bake cake as prayer and despacho offerings to my Ancestors, Spirit or Pachamama.

I’ve been offering cake since I was about 9 years old and left them at the bottom of tree stump’s and left crystals and shells in the branches.

I would blow my prayers into the offering and leave them in these places, I still do this at 39 ♥️♥️

I also owned a bakery for 11 years which I sold the same day that I started it- 11 years later and when I think about it I realize how the bakery supported me to be on this path.

My Shamanic teacher was a ten minute walk from the bakery and I would see him regularly for 8 years after work or on weekends.

It’s almost like baking has allowed me to have a continuous prayer from when I was a child and ultimately led me to this Shamanic path.

This is a Triple Goddess Cake i’ve offered in the past.

You can add anything to the top of your cake, often I leave coins, feathers or light incense as I offer it.

Is there anything that you offer Spirit?


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