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What is an Earth Keeper?

Updated: May 15, 2022

An Earth Keeper is someone who dreams for Mother Earth and for themselves.

They understand the sacredness of Mother Earth, our relationship to live in harmony w her and her children

They are connected to their inner wisdom and seek the wisdom to heal themselves and their community.

They are learning in this lifetime to express their soul gifts safely through divine creative expression.

They are learning to become grounded in Love.

Their joy is being able to express the highest aspect of their soul in the world freely.

They are conscious co-creators of their life and understand that life happens for them, to help them learn, grow and evolve their Spirit, to uplift the Earth and her Children.

Earth Keepers are custodians and protectors for all of Creation, they crave a deeper connection w themselves and communion w Mother Earth and Spirit.

They seek to crack the seeds of expansion within themselves and awaken their truest potential to become whole.​​

To be an Earth Keeper is to dream with eyes wide open.

There is something inside each of us that is not taught to us in school, it is a part that already exists, a blueprint that lives and breathes as an inner knowing & remembering; that there is more to life then what we’ve been handed.

Just like a seed in the ground reaches for the light, so too is the need in each of us to crack open our own seeds and awaken to our highest potential, be of good use and in service to the Earth and her children.

This is the role of the Earth Keeper.

We are here to heal the burdens & the wounds that we have carried from our ancestors & other lifetimes; so that we can grow as tall as an Evergreen tree & carry a heart as light as a leaf.

The more we heal ourselves, the more space we make in our lives to walk our highest path and take our place as Earth custodians.

When we let go of our heavy imprints, we make ourselves available to our true self & we are fed from a higher source instead of being fed from the trauma that we have known.


We are all custodians of the Earth and we are here to remember to become grounded in Love again, just as we were when we came into this world.

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