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Ancestor healing and Life force energy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Have you been feeling the veil between worlds has been very thing lately?

In connecting to my forgotten ancestors I found Nordic roots that took me completely by surprise.

I started to trace back and research what was written about them, what they ate, what they believed in and how they lived.

Something pretty amazing started happening in my day to day life that started off as a slow subtle whisper.

I could have easily gone about my life and ignored it.

But as I started to connect w these Ancestors more and more, I started to feel like I had solid ground under me.

For anyone with trauma, who’s lived a life of disassociation, felt unstable, anxious or depressed.. we often feel that we are standing over a black hole, that there is no solid footing and that the rug has been pulled from us.

In my bones I now know that a big reason for this is because many of us all over the world have been displaced and don’t know where we came from or who our Ancestors are.

Knowing them and connecting to them is utterly powerful and profound.

I feel more solid than I can remember, I feel their strength and support and I feel I have deepened into my body in a way that my blood feels energized.

I can actually feel my vital life force energy surging through me.

And last night it was hard to sleep with this feeling, I felt like I could lift a house.

I felt powerful, older, ancient and attuned to the Earth and I felt like I finally belonged to it.

Have you had any experiences with connecting to your Ancestors?

How do you feel about connecting?


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