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An Unexpected Journey

My journey to Shamanism all started with a dream.

I wasn't happy. The life that I had did not feel like my own, something was off and I couldn't shake it. I started to suffer from debilitating depression, exhaustion, anxiety and eventually became ill and suicidal. I remember thinking that this was how my life would be from now on and that it would never change.

Then one morning, after I had given up completely; I woke up from a dream.

The dream was so powerful that when I woke up I realized that I was not in the life that I was meant to be living. The dream gave me medicine & clarity & a new horizon was calling.

I left my partner, quit my job, sold everything I owned and bought my plane ticket to the place of the Incas, the Spiritual lineage that I would be learning from in years to come.

This dream changed my life. I followed synchronicities that took me all around the world for the next 5 years which eventually brought me back home to Australia where I found my Shamanic Teacher, who’s healing room was a 10 minute walk from where I was living.

With this teacher I began to walk the Journey of the Soul, also known as the Medicine Wheel; where I would learn to shed my old layers, transform my shadow into wisdom and dream the life that I wanted into being.

Everything that I was learning about Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel was a language that my Soul knew. I felt that I had been switched on and as I kept shedding layers I started to remember who I was at a Soul-level. I started to feel like my true self.

On this healing journey I had not planned to become a healer, I only had eyes for becoming a writer and an artist.

But I had felt how Shamanism had worked for me so beautifully; it opened up my whole world and I fell in, and as I continued with my own healing journey I ended up discovered my own path; which was to become a healer and to help others too and in doing so my writing and artwork developed to a whole new level as well.

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