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Alchemical properties of Scorpio season

I’ve often felt that being a Scorpio has more of a Serpent or even a Phoenix energy than that of a Scorpion.

The ability to see what’s under the surface and travel to the shadowey underworld of human consciousness like it’s second nature.

To become naked and bare to herself, and shed all her layers that are not for her anymore and to grow new scales that are in alignment to her next stages of evolutionary growth.

The ability to create alchemy, lead an alchemical life and turn all heartbreak, sadness and anger into lessons, strength and wisdom.

And to read the subtle energies and attune to the truth of the body and let those ‘spidey’ senses guide her.

The death and rebirth process comes so often to Scorpios, we are constantly being asked to let go, let go of whatever isn’t good for us and let it completely transform into its most authentic form, and we are always reborn for the better from these experiences.

This Scorpio season is always big for a lot of us, no matter where she sits in your chart, so navigate well, she will speak in ways that show what is real and what isn’t, what needs to go and what needs to stay.

And it can be a hard time, it’s not meant to be easy, but it’s to get you to a better place.

Love x

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