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An alchemical Life

We can have an alchemical life when we are given permission to access our emotions in a safe space.

The stories live deep in the body, we are a walking library of information containing stories from this lifetime and others, as well as the stories of the lives of our ancestors and the way they lived.

When we are finally given space to feel and heal, it’s like we are breathing for all these lifetimes and for our own trauma for the first time.

They call to us to find them in our everyday life and appear as physical, mental or emotional ailments, pushing us to look deeper into them to find resolve.

When people come to me for a session; there is always a root cause that tracks back to unresolved trauma, it is never just how it shows up on the surface.

When we do heal our deepest wounds and alchemise our trauma it turns into wisdom, compassion and self-love and becomes the medicine the world needs, heals our ancestors and creates more peace.

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