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A woman's journey into underworld

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Do you notice you feel different leading up to your moontime?

For me it’s like all the hidden parts of myself are turned up, my skin, hearing + nerves are more sensitive, my animal self deepens + prepares me for the descent into the cave, Into the underworld of bleeding, birthing, women who cycle w the Moon,

the descent into the place where Persephone lays captured by Hades.

Here she grows + transforms into the wise Queen of the underworld, the Queen of her shadows.

Her descent, the wayshower for her to rise higher than she imagined in her innocence.

From this descent is the promise to reach the light again, back into the loving arms of Demeter, Mother of the Harvest,

Who’s land was desecrated by grief while her loving daughter was missing,

Who’s smile shines like the sun when she sees her daughter dancing back into her arms once more.

As Persephone comes flying into her Mother’s arms, the grass becomes greener, the flowers more luminous, a sheet of rainbow brilliance covers the land + the little animals peak out to see the splendor.

This is a woman’s journey w the moon, we are so much apart of this planet.

In our cycle we journey to the underworld when we bleed + as we are there our magik blood releases all that we have held in our womb (+ we have held a lot).. + as we come back, we start to feel our energy rise again back to full circle ⭕️

And we never come back the same, we come back a wise Queen.

During our moontime we rest, it’s important as the @schoolofshamanicwomancraft says ‘not to pay attention to the tampon commercials of women in white pants riding horses, this is unrealistic’.

But instead listen to the body + honour its natural rhythm.

Every moontime is an opportunity to release what we have held onto for the last month, + it works, this is real magik + it’s our birth rite.

Deborah Wolf

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