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A mystery is a mystery

Sacred s p a c e is not just a physical place we create for ritual + ceremony.

It is something we can bring into our everyday lives.

To make our own life the altar itself, honour the temple that we were born with + the divinity that comes naturally with us when we came into this world.

The consciousness behind the questions that asks..

“why are we here”? “where have we come from”? “what is the meaning of life”?

We are naturally curious creatures, searching for meaning + we can access that mysterious force that is behind the questions, the very reason + nature that we question.

The Great Mystery.

My son always asks me, “Mama, what is a Mystery”? and I reply, “a Mystery is a Mystery”.

Oh how divine it is isn’t it, the idea that we don’t know.

But we do.

Our Bodies know, our Soul knows but our mind forgets.

The very fact that we question our existence is proof of that.

And it’s a beautiful thing that we don’t know the answers, or I should say that our mind Doesn’t know the answers.

When we get into sacred space our bodies, soul, mind, heart, everything comes into harmony + alignment.

This unified force is where we can hear that echo of Spirit, feel the grandmother’s + grandfathers warming their hands by our fires, that feeling of being so deep in our hearts that we know we are on the cusp of remembering how to fly.

Deborah Wolf

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