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Hello, I'm Deborah Wolf, I'm a trauma-informed Somatic practitioner, Shamanic & Ancestral healer, storyteller and Lomi Lomi body worker.

I offer grounded, nurturing & deeply magikal work; where we access core issues with deep integrative Soul, mythic, ritual & body wisdom.

For the past 11 years I have facilitated Shamanic mentorships, women's circles, rites of passage & red drum making workshops.

I'm located in Ocean Shores & Cabarita in Northern NSW, Australia, as well as online,


Soma~Shamanic Healing

The word 'Soma' means the Body, SOMATIC practice is a trauma-informed therapy that understand the effects of trauma on the nervous system & the body.

In SHAMANIC healing, we believe that everything in the physical world has first been manifested in Spirit. It works on the energetic level & tracks where the current issue originally started & clear the old stories associated with it so that it changes any patterns that occurred as a result of it. 

What we can work on together

-Chronic Fatigue & Chronic Illness

-Physical Ailment & Blocked Energy

-Healing the Shadow

-Healing Past Life & Ancestral Wounds

-Fears, Grief & Trauma

-Anxiety, PTSD & Depression

-Dealing with Heavy & Toxic Energies or Emotions

-Feeling Disconnected, Disassociated & Ungrounded

-Soul Retrieval & Power Retrieval

-Feeling out of Alignment

-Feeling Stuck & Stagnant in Life

-Relationship & Family Issues

-Bad habits, Patterns & Addictions

-Insomnia & bad sleep patterns

-Resetting the Nervous System

-Adrenal Fatigue

-Fight, Flight or Freeze

-Self Worth, Speaking Up

-Boundaries & Sovereignty

-Support to Move to a New Phase of life

-Personal Growth, Development & Expansion

-Aligning with the Highest Path of your Soul

-Destiny Retrieval

-Bringing you back into your Body

-Remembering who you are at a Soul Level

-Creating Soul Roots & a Deep Inner Life

-Finding your purpose


“Working w Deborah has been nothing short of transformative.


She's a naturally gifted & intuitive healer who holds a wealth of knowledge & humble wisdom.

Deborah's genuine warmth & presence creates a safe & supported space.


“Deborah's work is absolutely incredible & I'm super grateful she has shared it with me


I feel at peace & a sense of presence & connection to nature.


Throughout the whole session I feel like I've come home.”




“A brilliant energy healer, Deborah spends time to understand the blockages, removes toxic programs & devised a personal wellness & healing plan after each session to keep me in alignment with my true-self.


I recommend Deborah to people who are looking for healing, transformation & experience their highest potential, mentally & emotionally."


“Deborah is a highly empathic, intuitive & gifted healer”

She listens & understands many issues on a transcendental level & always responds to questions with wisdom & love.


Her ability to interpret spiritual counsel & express it in a way that is easily understood with clear instructions & pathways has been incredibly helpful for my healing journey."




Acknowledgement of Country

Deepest respect & acknowledgement to the People of the Minjimbul Nations,

the Traditional Custodians of the Country we are living on today.

 We recognize their continuing connection to the land, forests & waters, & thank them for

protecting this coastline & its ecosystems since time immemorial.

  We pay our respects to Elders past & present, & extend that respect

to all First Nations people present today.

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