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The growth edge

The place between fear and growth is an edge and in that edge there is magik.

In that edge there is a version of you who is stuck in the fear and a version who is free from it.

When you find an edge, an area in your life that you feel that it’s time for you to cross but fear is holding you back..

That is the time to fully acknowledge and map out exactly where you are at, and why.

Asking yourself the following~ turning the questions into the quest..

🪞What am I on the edge of?

🪞What am I afraid of?

🪞Which part of me is feeling this?

🪞How can I support my inner child?

🪞What do I need in order to feel safe?

Once this map is acknowledged then there is no in-between place, and you’ve already swung from fear to the growth’s edge… and are now at the door.

The only way of getting through is if the fear is acknowledged and your inner child is soothed by your inner grown-up.

The inner grown-up takes the lead, allowing the inner child to rest while he or she does the ‘scary stuff’ or heavy lifting.

And you can always avoid stepping across this threshold, and stay comfortable within a blanket of fear, bc it keeps you safe and stops you from getting hurt again.. and has done an exceptional job at protecting you.

On the other side of that door there’s a version of you that you’ve always been waiting for, one that is you without the fear, open-hearted and free..

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