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Men Who Tide with the Moon

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Last year I completed a yearlong course w a women's mystery school where I learnt about how our bodies cycle w the Moon, how our archetypes transform as we age and how our rites of passage reflect on how we live in the world.

I see how the men in my life go through ebbs and flows like me and I’ve began to pay attention and have noticed something that I had a hunch about- that men DO cycle w the moon.

On a Full Moon a man’s sperm count is much bigger than it is in any other phase & I’ve noticed w my husband that he enters a cave in a similar way I do on a dark moon.

While women experience the phases of the Maiden, the Mother, the Maga and the Crone, men are experiencing the Master, the Warrior, the Father/ the King and the Sage.

I think about my four year old son and how I can support him w becoming a future man, I believe that helping him through his rites of passage into manhood would not only help ease him into these transitions but help him learn about himself and enter the would w confidence & integrity.

When we haven’t gone through a rite of passage, we are made to go through it in other ways, it can cause a spiralling effect in our lives, sending us to hit rock bottom and if we aren’t supported our life could get very destructive.

When we go through our rites of passage an old part of us dies and we can help support each other by willingly and lovingly going through this w the support of a community and our family.

What I would like to do is to start asking the question about men’s phases by teaching them about women’s.

I’d like to share this knowledge to men and ask the following questions…

- Have you noticed a cycle of going in and out of a cave or feeling extra sexual urges during certain moon phases?

- What are the main toxic rites of passage that our society offers?

- How have they affected you?

- What did you need growing up instead?

- What is the relationship to the men in your life and men in general?

- How do you feel about older wiser men?

- What do you need/ yearn and crave for in your life?

- What are you missing?

What to expect from the circle:

-Sacred sharing circle

-Journey to the women’s medicine wheel and how it relates to the men’s

-We will take part in an open discussion and self-inquiry to explore how men flow w the moon, toxic vs healthy rites of passage, how we can support future men and what the men in our lives need for deep healing.

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