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Year 1

Journeying around the medicine wheel

A year long journey around the Medicine Wheel based on your own personal cosmology and story. Based around embodiment, grounded spiritual practices and the Incan Medicine Wheel which Deborah has had 8 years of being trained in and incorporates feminine wisdom, and your own personal astrology, ancestry, aurvedic, and gene keys.



There  will be an opportunity to incorporate your own personal ancestral lineage into the medicine wheel to make it your own. When we know our roots we know who we are. Ancestral honoring has the potential to be a huge resource for us where we can dip into the gifts of our ancestors and heal any traumas that have been passed onto us.

This is a highly transformative and intuitive journey that takes you from the beginning of the wheel where you see what isn't working in your life and let them go, to facing your shadows, wounds, traumas with compassion and empathy.


To calling in your gifts, heart medicine, integrity and become a peaceful warrior, to eventually coming to the end of the wheel where you claim ownership of your life, dare to dream your highest dream and step into your most authentic Soul path and why you came into the world.


You will be assisted in forming healthy boundaries and making Spirit allies that are for your highest and best.

We also speak about sacred sexuality, tantric practices and shamanic dearmouring.

We use ritual ceremony.

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-12 x monthly 2.5 hours sessions that take you around your own personal Medicine Wheel

-Personalised integration homework

-Custom ritual & ceremonies to practice

-Creating your own Sacred Medicine Bundle

-Shamanic mentoring, counselling, intuitive guidance


-Shamanic healing sessions 

-Medicine Wheel Certificate at the end of the training


Cost is $3300.00 upfront or 3 monthly payment plan of $1250.00  or a monthly payment plan of $300


Year 2


Shamanic Practice Mentoring

In this second year long course, preceding the Journey of the Soul, I teach and mentor hands on practice for learning the art of energetic healing in Shamanic Practice.

This involves learning boundaries, code of conduct, creating sacred space, 

Sliding Scale

($180 - $220)

2.5 hour sessions

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Year 3


Shamanic Practitioner Mentoring

In this third year, you will be mentored in your own private practice.

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