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Fill YOUR Cup

for Empaths

As empaths, healers or parents we are often holding space for everyone else, running on empty to get everything done & barely having enough time for ourselves.


The idea of birthing something; a creation or project that has been kept on the backburner for years seems to get further away from us, and yet... the desire to create this project doesn't go away.

We secretly crave structure & routine; where somebody outside of us can support us, & give us permission to rest & create.

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We can fill our own cups by firstly emptying anything that we are carrying that is causing us to feel heavy in a supportive ritual together.

We will then reset our nervous system, learn about boundaries & begin to fill up our cups again by tending to our own inner creative fire & space.

When our cups are full we have the capacity to overflow effortlessly & fill others too.


We have more time, energy & patience for ourselves. We sleep easier, look & feel better & can experience being fully in the moment & can Create more Magic in our world.

When we fill our cups we are more effective when holding space for others without absorbing & taking on their heavy energies. We become better healers, parents, friends & partners.

Image by russn_fckr
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What are you being called

to create right now?


Every first Saturday of the month join our community

& bring along something you want to work on, such as...

-A story, an article, blog, or chapter of a book that you are writing

-A painting, sculpture, or any kind of art project that you are creating

-A website, or website copy that you are putting together

-An online program, retreat or workshop that you are building

-Are you being called to create magic? Or your dream? Create that!

Or is there something else that you are inspired to work on?

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How does it work?

- 10am - 12pm -

Meet online with a cuppa for a supported circle.


Here you can empty your cup in a letting go fire ritual, & share your personal relationship or struggle w creativity.


Reset your nervous system, learn tools for making healthy boundaries & share what you are inspired to work on.

- 12pm - 3pm -

Break out and create your projects at your own pace.


Or create magic & call in something you want to dream into the world.

(Don't forget to stop to have lunch)

- 3pm - 4pm -

Meet back online to discuss what came up for you, how you felt in this process, & there’s a completely voluntary option to share your creation, even if it's still a work in progress.

We will talk about tending the the creative fire before we close up & how to support yourself as you go forward.

Permission to BE

The beauty in having this space is to come to it in a mindful way, give yourself permission to sit in this creative lifeforce energy & allow what wants to come through to come w no rules & no attachments to outcome. Just BE in the energy.

There is no pressure to create... you can lie in a hammock & dream up what you want in your life. You can sit & journal, you can meditate, garden, finger paint, sculpt, write poetry, start the first chapter of your book, cook something fancy... there is absolute and utter freedom.

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist
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No drama drop in sessions


The bootcamp's are done as drop in sessions, meaning you pay for the session you attend & don't need to sign up to anything.

The sessions are $11.11 for the day & occurs every first Saturday of the month.


To attend please register by email

Why now?

The world has literally gone bananas, there is division, fear & confusion. More than ever we need to stay balanced & fill our cups so we can be there for ourselves & others.

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Join us!


On the first Saturday of the month

October 2nd

November 5th

December 3rd

January 1st

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What to bring along?
-Crayons, Pastels or Coloring Pencils & Paper

-Burnable small dried leaves, such as Sage



-Something to put the burnable objects in such as a Cauldron or a Kitchen Pot

Image by Steve Johnson
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