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1 hour Soul mentorship sessions where we access the truth that lives in the body through somatic awareness and spiritual wisdom and development.

I offer trauma-informed healing sessions, that are grounded, nurturing & deeply magikal, using Shamanic healing & Somatic practice; where we access core issues with deep integrative Soul work, ritual & body wisdom.


Somatic & Shamanic Healing

The word 'Soma' means the Body, SOMATIC practice is a trauma-informed therapy that understand the effects of trauma on the nervous system & the body. It believes that the body holds the memory of all that we've been through, & comes up with systems in order to protect our inner child.

These systems and 'symptoms' are coping mechanisms that were originally designed to help us to avoid feeling the pain that we did at the time of the trauma.


But as we grew older these symptoms are the very thing that are causing our lives to be unbalanced, & can look anything like addictions, poor boundaries, people pleasing, chronic fatigue, chronic illness, disassociation & more.

In SHAMANIC healing, we believe that everything in the physical world has first been manifested in Spirit. It works on the energetic level & tracks where the current issue originally started, whether from childhood or another lifetime where the memory of the original trauma is still carried. 

When we track back; we can find the original wound & clear the old stories associated with it so that it changes any patterns that occurred as a result of it. 

We clear out the build-up of heavy energies that block us from walking the intended Soul path that cause disease & suffering & we access the higher Luminous energies to inform our soul of what it is that we wish to write for it instead.​

When we do this enough & clear away anything that comes up for us; we take our healing, into our own hands, & make our way back to our original self & the reason why we came here in the first place. 







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After Care



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Our Session Together

I offer healing sessions that are deep & integrative & may involve anything from energy clearing, to ancestral healing, Soul, Power or Destiny retrieval. to Somatic, inner child & nervous system work.


We take the time to get to the bottom of things, & work with the medicine bundle/ messa to focus on whatever has been coming up for you prior to the session or a pattern that has kept repeating in your life.

The session also includes a personal healing letter outlining the summary of our session together, along w homework & rituals to help you integrate.

Sessions can be done online via Zoom or at my healing space in Ocean Shores, NSW & I offer a sliding scale with my prices depending on your circumstances.

Sliding Scale

($220 - $240)

2.5 hour sessions



healing can help with~

-Chronic Fatigue & Chronic Illness

-Physical Ailment & Blocked Energy

-Healing the Shadow

-Healing Past Life Wounds

-Fears, Grief & Trauma

-Anxiety, PTSD & Depression

-Dealing with Heavy & Toxic Energies or Emotions

-Feeling Disconnected, Disassociated & Ungrounded

-Soul Retrieval & Power Retrieval

-Feeling out of Alignment

-Feeling Stuck & Stagnant in Life

-Relationship & Family Issues

-Bad habits, Patterns & Addictions

-Insomnia, Resetting the Nervous System & Adrenal Fatigue

-Fight, Flight or Freeze

-Self Worth, Speaking Up, Boundaries & Sovereignty

-Support to Move to a New Phase of life

-Personal Growth, Development & Expansion

-Aligning with the Highest Path of your Soul

-Destiny Retrieval

-Bringing you back into your Body

-Remembering who you are at a Soul Level

-Creating Soul Roots & a Deep Inner Life

-Finding your purpose

-Helping healers get back into alignment

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Preparation for your Session

Often when coming to a Shamanic Healing session you may feel patterns bubbling up to the surface days before. Observe them & journal & carry them gently.
Avoid alcohol & recreational drugs at least 2 days prior to get the most out of your session.

With Shamanic Healing we deal w one issue at a time, this allows the session to be clear and the energy to do it's work in a much more effective way.

If you are pregnant please let me know beforehand as it will help to know in the session.


After Care & Integration

Try not to have a busy day planned after your session; if you can go & be somewhere in nature or home to rest then you will get the most out of your session.


For 2-3 days after a session your body may go through a purging process, you may feel a migraine, tired, drained, hungover or processing heavy emotions. This is all part of the body's way of letting go shedding to make space for new growth.

It is important during this time to support yourself as you integrate.


Journaling as well as Epsom salt baths, bicarb soda w salt baths, or a jumps in the Ocean is a perfect way to remove any excess of what has been shed reduce the intensity of the purging process.

Alcohol recreational drugs should be avoided for 3 days after a session.


Taking extra rest nourishment w wholefoods, and being out w Mother Earth will also help the process along.​​

Often we are tested during that 30 days to see if the lesson has been learnt the trigger has been disarmed. Become the observer notice how you have reacted differently, and how the situation feels differently to you.

After the session, I send a personal letter for you to go through that touches on your session, so that you can track your progress as well as a self-care plan & rituals for you to use integrate after your session.

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