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I'll be offering a 3 year mentorship program in Somatic Shamanic Healing in 2024.


This program is for those who have felt pulled to Shamanism, whether they want to become a healer themselves or want to go through a deep transformative process in a safe space.

To walk the path of healing or becoming a healer; we must go through our own healing and understand it at a Soul-level that it is a life-long journey of personal development that prepares us for a good life as well as a good death.


When we journey to our very depths and uncover what's there with compassion and empathy, we can turn our own pain and suffering into wisdom and medicine, which helps us in our own life as well as others.

Working in the energetic realms means having discernment, boundaries and being fully grounded in your life. Attending to your body like an altar and learning the ways of respect, integrity and impeccability with a light and humble heart.

This is not about ascending, visioning, journeying, spiritual bypassing, or light and love, nor is it about being rigid and taking yourself too seriously.


This is about descending into your darkest depths, seeing it with unwavering clarity and compassion and learning how to get out of the way.


Walking the Shamanic path can be like walking the razor's edge, if you don't have the right training or guide it can be dangerous. 

I've had 11 years experience with learning many of the pitfalls and walking the death road with this journey and I have learnt to fully integrate my inner healer, where it's not all that I am, it's not something I identify with, it's something that I do and I remain a life-long student to it,

This path will test you and teach you how to be in balance and harmony. It will show you when you are not - with clarity that can't be ignored and teach you to see the world and your own stories through the eyes of your Soul.


Walking this path puts a magnifying glass on your life and forces you to make changes to anything that is not true, unstable or unaligned with your original blueprint.

Having powerful allies on this path, a community, a guide and prayer is important. This path will take you on initiations and crack you open. It is about surrender, balance, humor and understanding your life at a Soul-level.

We have support, tools and assistance all around us and on this journey I will teach you how to utilize them and form relationships that are trusted and safe for you to do this work.

This is an organically tailored mentorship to work with you where you’re at, in the first year we will cover getting into the body to form solid roots, working with your trauma and unmet shadow parts in a somatic sense so that you have a stable foundation,


When you have deep and strong roots you are not easily swayed by the winds, and as your roots deepen, your branches reach higher automatically to more luminous energies, just as you integrate your shadow parts, you become lighter and more childlike again.



Journeying around the Medicine Wheel

A year long journey around the Medicine Wheel based on your own personal cosmology and story. Here we work with embodiment, grounded spiritual practices, feminine wisdom, and your own personal astrology and lineages.

The medicine wheel points to the four cardinal directions and represents the circle of life. It is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things.

We will cover codes of conduct, boundaries, values and how to walk this path with integrity, respect, honor and impeccability.


As well as learning basics from creating sacred space, the importance of ritual ceremony, and rites of passage, to sacred sexuality, Kundalini life-force energy, and how these elements play important parts in our own healing.

We will be working alongside archetypes such as Shakti, Lilith, Isis, Persephone, and Demeter, to find ourselves within the collective story.


As well as working with Somatic practices, inner child and protector work, art therapy and integration.


There will be an opportunity to incorporate your own personal ancestral lineage into the medicine wheel to make it your own. When we know our roots we know who we are. Ancestral honoring has the potential to be a huge resource for us where we can dip into the gifts of our ancestors and heal any traumas that have been passed onto us.

This is a highly transformative and intuitive journey that takes you from the beginning of the wheel where you see what isn't working in your life and let them go, to facing your shadows, wounds, traumas with compassion and empathy.


To calling in your gifts, heart medicine, integrity and become a peaceful warrior, to eventually coming to the end of the wheel where you claim ownership of your life, dare to dream your highest dream and step into your most authentic Soul path and why you came into the world.


You will be assisted in forming healthy boundaries when working in the energetic and spiritual realms, learning about entities, attachments and heavy energies as well as and making solid trusted Spirit allies.

Understanding what is behind mental + chronic health issues, where it comes from, how to track it and find the original root cause.

This is a highly alchemical process where we journey around your own personal medicine wheel to uncover who you are at your core and carry that as a medicine out into the world.

The first year-long program is a prerequisite to further study and teachings that will involve hands-on healing techniques, such as clearing heavy energies and installing life-force energy, removing entities, attachments and working with Spirits and ancestors. Soul retrieval, power and destiny retrievals and so on.



- 1 Year of fortnightly work which includes:


12 x 90 minute sessions that take you around your own personal Medicine Wheel

-12 x 90 minute Shamanic Healing sessions

-Personalised integration homework

-Custom ritual & ceremonies to practice

-Creating your own Sacred Lineage Medicine Bundle

-Shamanic mentoring, support, counselling, intuitive guidance

-Learning the process through your own Healing

Cost is $3800 upfront,

or 3 monthly payment plan of $1,300,

or a monthly payment plan of $333.



Shamanic Practice Mentoring

In this second year-long course, preceding the Journey of the Soul, I mentor hands on practice for learning the art of energetic healing in Shamanic Practice. Here, we will work on Soul development and Spiritual enhancement, and further your skills, with visioning, learning hands-on healing and grounded Shamanic training and practice.

There is opportunity to assist in training apprentices here also.



- 1 Year of fortnightly work which includes:


-12 x monthly 90 minute mentoring hands on sessions

-12 x 90 minute Shamanic Healing sessions


-Personalised integration homework

-Custom ritual & ceremonies to practice

-Learning the art of hands-on healing

- Removing entities, attachments and toxic energies safely

-Shamanic mentoring, counselling, intuitive guidance

-Learning the process through your own Healing

Cost is $3800 upfront,

or 3 monthly payment plan of $1,300,

or a monthly payment plan of $333.



Shamanic Practitioner Mentoring

In this third year, you will be mentored in your own private practice. Learn how to create your own Soul business, branding, how to deal with clients and guidance in becoming ready as a healer. There is opportunity to assist in training apprentices here also. This is custom and up to you with how regular you would like or need sessions.

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