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Shamanic Medicine Drums

Birthing a drum is a laborious, magical & rewarding journey. 

When we birth a drum we go through the birthing process of creating, it reminds us of how we birth our children, our creations & our projects into the world.

When we create a drum, we navigate through the ups & downs & face ourselves as we journey into our center; as we spiral inwards to find the gold; we navigate through the emotional, mental & physical labyrinth that appears before us.



Here, the most beautiful healing unravels.

We meet our shadow, & the awareness of our emotional patterns becomes amplified & a cycle of life, death & rebirth occur that can only be experienced rather than explained.
The safe space that the circle creates allows us to sit w ourselves, w however we are during the process; whatever comes up is part of creating the drum & a part of the healing process.


Throughout the workshop women will be supported in a way that a midwife supports a mother in labor.
Once we find what we were seeking we spiral back outwards into the world & use this as the medicine for our drum & medicine to birth our children and our projects into the world.
We say goodbye to old patterns and walk towards a more empowered version of ourselves as we learn how to support our lives fully.


Over a Weekend





110 Dalley St. Mullumbimby, NSW



-What you will leave with-

- 14” drum in either red or natural (please tell us when booking)

- knowledge on the history of the frame drum & women’s mysteries


This event is for women's & for those who identify as women.

Veg GF food will be provided. Please let us know if you have any allergies.

 Please Email me to express interest

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In 2017 I received a dream about a Red Drum that I was playing in a cave with my ancestors, they spoke to me & told me to make my own Red Drum.

I had never heard of one or seen one before, & when I woke up the next day I found after some researching that the first drums that belonged to women were Red.


Not only that but that these drums came from the Caucus as far back as 5600BC where my ancestors had come from. The Red Drum represented their wombs & were painted red.



The Red frame drum can be traced as far back as Paleolithic times, it was made to represent the Goddess, the divine aspect that connects all women through their life-giving blood that they hold in their wombs.

The Red Drum is the place within all women that connects us to each other, to the heart beat of the Earth & to the heart beat of our own Mothers, tracing all the way back through our red thread, connecting all the Mother's & Grandmother's who came before us.

Frame drums have been used for all kinds of ceremonies, rites of passage, bringing on moon blood, midwifing mothers during birth & is used Shamanically to shift energies, call upon the healed ancestors for guidance & used to travel between worlds for healing & altered ecstatic states.

It holds the rhythm of the Earth & our bodies & reminds us where we are from & that we come from rhythm, it is the Universal language that connects us all & covers all emotions from joy to anger, & grief to ecstasy.


The Red dye is made from scratch using a combination of

beetroot, pomegranate & cochineal

Please bring along


-a box to take your drum home in (16” wide)

- a sturdy bag to take home any raw hide cuttings leftovers


-a towel that can be stained

-a journal & pen

-something for the altar to charge

-the story of your first bleed


-the story of your birth

-the story of how you birth (children & projects)

-yourself, as you are, however you are

-something warm to wear, warm socks

-bottle of drinking water

Waking your Drum & Creating The Drum Beater




There will be a circle a week after the workshop that is optional to attend, this is to wake your drum up as well as begin to create a drum beater for your drum.

You will be provided with a stick for your drum beater, if you already have one feel free to bring it along, the measurements are 12-15mm in diameter & 30-40cm in length).

I will also provide the felt & needles to create the head of your drum beater.

Creating a drum beater head can take days to create but we will get started in the circle & you can take it home to keep working on.





This event will also be located at


110 Dalley St. Mullumbimby, NSW

{If you would like to support the circle by providing meals for the group in exchange for the weekend workshop please get in touch & we can make an arrangement where you are just charged for the raw materials only}.

We are non-descriminatory, and your health information is your private information. We love you no matter what.

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