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SHAMANIC healing


Shamanism is way to get to the root of things & allows the client to heal

themselves in a safe container.

Everything that is manifested in the physical world was first created in the dream world.


In Shamanic healing we work in this level of Spirit & energy
to make the changes we need in our life. 


We clear out the built-up of heavy energies that block us from

walking the intended Soul path; that cause disease & suffering in our life.


And access the higher Luminous energies to inform our soul of what we wish to write for it.


In this way, we walk a destiny life and not a fated life.

Life no longer happens to us but for us &
we become the dreamer & not the one being dreamed.

We are no longer afraid of dying, & walk consciously towards death & beyond.

Shamanic healing is a process, the healing session is just the beginning; the effects of

the session will take place over the next 30 days & continue on through life.


Often we are tested during that 30 days to see if the

lesson has been learnt & the trigger has been disarmed.


You will notice more & more that the story you once held

onto is not 'charged' or held in your body.


This doesn't mean we forget the wound; we have transformed it into a source

of healing & power & have gained the wisdom & lessons from it.


SHAMANIC healing​

can help with


Physical Ailment and Blocked Energy

Anxiety/ PTSD /Depression

Power /Soul Loss

Trauma /Grief

Feeling Disconnected/Disassociated /Ungrounded

Feeling out of Alignment/ Feeling Stuck

Dealing with Bad habits/Addictions

Insomnia/ Adrenal fatigue/ Fight or Flight

Self worth/ Sovereignty/ Boundaries

Support to move to a New Phase of your life

Personal Growth/Development /Expansion

In SHAMANIC healing

I work with


The Incan Medicine Wheel

Ancestral Healing
Grounding Shamanic Practices

Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Journey Work

Spirits and Energies
Energy Clearing and Extraction

About Me
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Deborah WOLF

I was called to Shamanic work during a healing crisis in 2012.


I was dealing w chronic illness, fatigue, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, insomnia &

depression as well as past & current life trauma that haunted me. I was not aligned,

centered or grounded & was experiencing severe soul loss & disassociation.

My unresolved trauma had come to greet me by showing up as emotional,

mental, physical, as well as a spiritual health crisis. 


I had hit rock bottom and Shamanism came to me. It showed me that my life

was unravelling bc it was not the life I was meant to be living.


It broke every falsehood, toxic relationship & stripped me of any my old

& outdated identity & the name that came with it. 


Everything in my life was put on hold as I picked up the pieces & tried to mend

what was happening to me; only to realize that what was calling me was the

death of my old life.

I didn't know it at the time; but I was going through this crisis for my

highest good, to get me onto the path that my original Soul had intended.

I was introduced to the Incan Medicine Wheel by my now friend and teacher;

and I felt like I had already known what I was learning; it clicked in a way nothing

ever has before it, and I felt my Soul recognize TRUTH.


Every word, teaching, story, prayer was already connected to me bc our Souls know

Truth, & when the Soul is in that space it is fully aligned, fully powerful & miracles

unfold with immense magic & velocity.

Shamanism is a wonderful kind of magic that I've developed a loving relationship

with. It is like dipping your finger into the river of life & seeing the true nature

of yourself & your world reflected back in the ripples & then turning around to

walk back into your life w this knowledge.


I've seen & experienced that transformation can & does happen w Shamanic Healing,

& that as far off as a healed version of yourself may appear to be; it is really just

around the corner. And that when we are in the darkest night of the Soul; it is

because an old part of us is dying in order to make space for the new part to be born.

I have been on the Journey of the Soul through the the Incan Medicine Wheel

& have received initiations & Rites for the last 8 years & ongoing.


I am also a graduate of The School of Shamanic Womancraft & currently studying

Energy Medicine Training at the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society.

Through healing myself I am now able to offer help to others on this journey.

I am in devotion & in service to Pachamama & Great Spirit. My goal is to

empower those who feel called to dive deep into healing their shadow &

walk the original path their soul had intended for them.


I created Earth Keeper Medicine to share this work & am based in the beautiful Rainbow

Region of NSW, where I live with my husband & our 6 year old son.​

You will notice the artwork around my site; these are from Spirit Journey's I've

had over the years, I come from a background of spirited artists I honor my

ancestors as well as my inner-child in these paintings and I honor the Teachers

who have come before me and who will come after me.


1 : 1 Shamanic Energy Medicine​​


Moon Lodge + Women's Rites of Passage​

Medicine Drum Making Workshops​

Full Moon Prayer Circles

Storytelling Circles

Mentoring through the Incan Medicine Wheel

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Pachamama is in perfect balance and harmony. We are a

part of her and she is a part of us.

When we are back into the rhythm with Pachamama, we are in

harmony with ourselves and the Earth.

The world doesn't feel like a dangerous place anymore, 

and we learn to trust and realize that we are not our stories,

and that it does not rain to get us wet, 


And if we are willing to face our own shadow and no

longer project it onto others; then we reclaim the lost

parts of ourselves and begin to dream the world into being.

We can get back into this rhythm with ceremony, ritual and

connection to ourselves and the Earth.



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