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As empaths, healers or parents we are often holding space for everyone else, running on empty to get everything done & barely having enough time for ourselves.


The idea of birthing something; a creation or project that has been kept on the backburner for years seems to get further away from us, and yet... the desire to create this project doesn't go away.

We secretly crave structure & routine; where somebody outside of us can support us, & give us permission to rest & create.

We can fill our own cups by firstly emptying anything that we are carrying that is causing us to feel heavy in a supportive ritual together.

We will reset our nervous system, learn about what is stopping & blocking us from moving forward & begin to fill up our cups again by tending to our own inner creative fire.

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My Offering is to help guide you to to your Highest path by supporting and crafting your Soul business together with you.

Step by step, we will begin by finding what your Heart yearns to create..

What kind of life do you imagine for yourself?

What have you always wanted to Create in the Word?

What was your Dream Path as a Child?

We will then uncover what that looks like..

We will reveal the Blocks & Obstacles & Create a session around it.

We will take Steps towards your Dream

Image by russn_fckr

This is a 2 month Journey


By the end of our 2 months together you will have your Soul business concept, message, name, branding (logo, colours, style & theme).


You will have moved through energetic blockages, emotional triggers related to showing up in the world, dealing with money, client boundaries and how to remain grounded, centered and present with a client as well as any technical and practical questions along the way.​

I will share my expertise of running a million dollar

business for 11 years combined with my Spiritual

know how to birth your Soul business,

with ongoing support available.

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How does it work...

Once a week for 2 months we meet online.

WEEK ONE: We will dive in & discover what it is you want to create, your target audience & your message behind your brand.

We will uncover any blocks or fears about self-worth & making money that come up & process them through a Somatic Soul Healing session. 

I will also look into your Astrological North Nodes to get an idea of what wants to come through you in this lifetime.

WEEK TWO: We will begin to create magic & call in exactly what you want to dream into the world through ritual & your own somatic felt sense deep embodied visualization. 

We will visualize what you sense for your creation, how it looks & feels & begin to spiral in towards a name that wants to come through. 

And if you are planning on having a photoshoot for your brand we will discuss how you envision it to look and feel too.


Once we have an idea of where we are going, within two weeks I will supply you with 6 styles for your logo idea with 15 changes for the style chosen & for an additional fee I can assist your website creation through Wix or Square.

WEEK SIX: I will offer my expertise in how to go about practically starting your business, how to profit, how to manage staff, how to manage social media, and anything else that organically comes up.

I will also offer ongoing assistance as you maneuver through the beginning phase of your business.​

Permission to BE

The beauty in having this space is to come to it in a mindful way, give yourself permission to sit in this creative lifeforce energy & allow what wants to come through to come through with no pressure or attachment. Just BE in the energy.

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist
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Organic Sessions

The sessions are $11.11 for the day & occurs every first Saturday of the month.


To attend please register by email

Why now?

The world has literally gone bananas, there is division, fear & confusion. More than ever we need to stay balanced & fill our cups so we can be there for ourselves & others.

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Join us!


On the first Saturday of the month

October 2nd

November 5th

December 3rd

January 1st

What to bring along?
-Crayons, Pastels or Coloring Pencils & Paper

-Burnable small dried leaves, such as Sage



-Something to put the burnable objects in such as a Cauldron or a Kitchen Pot

Image by Steve Johnson
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